The Importance Of A Skin Care Routine

The Importance Of A Skin Care Routine

The Importance of Skincare: Four Reasons Why You Need a Regular Routine for Your Skin

A question we get asked often is: do you really need a skincare routine? The simple answer to this question is yes, you absolutely do.

Consistently caring for your skin with the right products and protocols has numerous perks not only for your complexion but your overall well-being. To better understand why skincare is so important, let’s take a closer look at a few of our favourite benefits:

Reason #1 - Skincare helps prevent common concerns

If you experience acne, blackheads, dryness, dullness or sensitivity in your skin, it could be because your skin isn’t getting what it needs to maintain overall skin health. Although your epidermis can do a lot to support itself, as we age or incur stress - due to our environment, lifestyle or internal health factors - our skin can become sluggish or struggle to perform optimally.

The fix? Skincare! With regular cleansing, exfoliation and added nourishment in the form of serums or moisturizers, you can help to better support your skin and keep those essential functions on track.

Reason #2 - Skincare is your best bet for aging gracefully

Aging is inevitable and there’s nothing wrong with showing a little age. However, if your goal is to minimize signs of aging such as sagging skin, loss of supple texture, fine lines and wrinkles, skincare products are what provide serious rescue and replenishment.

Mature skin loves active ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients which are found in our skincare products and can do wonders to nurture a healthy, youthful glow.


Reason #3 - Skincare is like a workout for your skin

Considering that we do a lot to keep the rest of our bodies in shape - such as working out at the gym or visiting doctors and other wellness practitioners - it only stands to reason that we should do something for our body’s largest organ,  your skin.

Your skin does a lot to keep you protected, so why not show it the same level of care and attention that you do the rest of your body? Having regular skincare rituals is a simple and easy, but very effective way to do so.

Reason #4 - Skincare is self care
Supposing that you are one of the lucky ones who experiences good skin with minimal effort, we still recommend incorporating a skincare routine into your lifestyle as an act of self love. If you live a high-stress or very active life, taking time to pause and care for yourself is so important for promoting relaxation and boosting confidence.


The act of touching your face, applying a few products and massaging them into your skin only takes a few minutes, but can be a powerful way to check in and reconnect with oneself.


Other Important Things To Know

While there are so many reasons to love skincare, one last thing to remember is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you find a ten-step routine too overwhelming, start small! A few good products may be all you need to look and feel like your best self.


Another tip we love is to make it fun and always keep it enjoyable. By sticking to these principles you’ll be sure to return to your routine time and again and get better results in the long run.



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