Where did Ivy & Rose Co come from?

All of our skin products were developed by our founder Emily who is a working beauty therapist & makeup artist living on the South Coast of NSW.

Working with clients everyday who have a range of skin issues, and dealing with sensitive skin herself, she saw a need in the industry for effective but natural skin care. All of our products are designed to work on the most sensitive of skin types, while delivering powerful results. We keep things as simple as possible because skin care shouldn't be confusing!

Adding to keeping our products completely natural and organic, we also have kept all of our packaging recyclable and/or eco friendly. 

Where did the name Ivy & Rose Co come from?

Originally we were called Carraro Beauty Skin, but as we grew and evolved, a new name was in order. Emily, our founder, wanted a name that still reflected her loves and her passions, and also the brand. Ivy is both her Husky's name, and a family name. Rose is a main ingredient in some of our products, and is also a family name. Hence, Ivy & Rose Co was born!